From the moment you step into Dr. Kevin B. Sand’s cosmetic dental office you know that you are not in for your average trip to the dentist. The walls of the creamy and lacquered interior of the waiting room were amply decorated with the covers of many a magazine that the doctor has been featured in as well as referrals from the who’s-who of Hollywood.

We all know that the celebrities we love to watch trust their image to only the best. And that would definitely include their smiles, which one would imagine they could insure along with other invaluable parts of themselves…

For the first time in my life I was not intimidated to visit my dentist because of a fear of a drill or a cavity filling, but because the dentist himself is a celebrity. The sought after Dr. Sands in fact has been on numerous TV shows. In our day and age a good old makeover show is all the rage and who doesn’t want to have the opportunity to reinvent their look or at least watch others do so.

You would recognize the good doctor from The Learning Channel’s "Ten Years Younger", the E Channel’s "Dr. 90210", and the Style Network’s "2nd Look". Armed with credentials from prestigious institutions for cosmetic dentistry, and obviously no stranger to Hollywood glamour and beauty, Dr. Sands is best known for his "Smile Make-overs".

Pop princess Britney Spears and teen idols Hilary and Haley Duff are only some of the stars to frequent the trusty D. Sands. Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, Tori Spelling and even academy award nominated film "Juno" director Jason Reitman are also clients.

Dr. Sands with Rebecca Hurbst

It was clear from looking around the offices and patient rooms that the practice spares no expense to provide the latest techniques and the most comfort possible.

Lit candles emitting an aromatic scent that eased me instantly enhanced the stunning view of the city from the dental chair that happened to feature lumbar support. Never mind that the highly trained staff was so effortlessly kind and quick to accommodate me at every turn. I even had a masseuse give me a neck and shoulder massage in the chair during my treatment.

I was lucky enough to sit down with the doctor and chat him up a bit. I might have forgotten I was talking to a dentist if I hadn’t been staring up at him from said dentist chair. Dr. Sands was effusive and charming and was happy to answer any question I had. I could see how easy it was for him to attract A-List clients into his exclusive clientele. He was not only knowledgeable but also proud to explain that he uses the best products available to deliver his specialty services such as application of Porcelain Veneers with the help of an onsite lab technician, custom color analysis, and Zoom teeth whitening.

The latter, the Zoom whitening, was the treatment that I was in for that day. I got my picture ready smile on for a before photograph and then proceeded to settle in for the hour-long venture. Coaxed into calmed by my masseuse and the dental technician I watched CNN on the high definition T.V. and nearly took a nap and with no inkling of pain it was all over in a blink. I was happy to see that my teeth were six shade whiter than when I began, having no idea the toll my coffee habit had on my looks. I actually found that I was smiling bigger and brighter and with a lot more ease than I would normally as I walked out. I knew it was due not only to the obvious improvement to my chompers but because of the special care with which I was treated by Dr. Kevin Sands and his dedicated crew. Even I felt like a VIP as I stepped onto the street, putting on my shades and dodging imaginary paparazzi.



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